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Name: Piper Rose Angelica Beatriz Holder

Species: Mouse

Gender: Female

Occupation: Airship Pilot


Eek! It’s a mouse! And a spunky mouse at that. She is of diminutive stature, standing at approximately 62 inches tall. Her figure is nothing to write home about. It’s there, minimally hourglassy and its clear she isn’t malnourished but she wouldn’t she be considered plump. She looks healthy as far as anthro mice go. The short fuzz that covers her body, at least what can be seen of it, is a tawny brown color, with a patch of much lighter, almost white over her left eye. Large, but not miss proportioned, ears top her head and around them rest pilot goggles. For clothing she doesn’t wear anything fancy or terribly expensive. A cotton button down shirt in a light lavender under a leather vest with scarf tied around her neck. With this she wears britches of a light brown canvas material tucked into boots that come up to mid-calf.

Skills Etc

Main Skills

Airship Pilot - Mechanics

Hobby Skills

Cooking - Dancing - Tinkering


Spunky - Excitable - Fidgety - Shiny!

Tiger Lily

The Tiger Lily is a sleek airship about half the size of the luxury models. The inflated balloon is vibrant green the bottom half painted with it’s name sake flowers. Above the flowers are blue and white sworls, meant to mimic the sky and clouds floating above the large flowers. A frame of light weight bamboo surrounds the balloon. Attached to the frame is not only the enclosed gondola but also a set of white sails to make the small airship faster than the engines would normally allow.

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