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Ni Cel

Ni Cel is a small otter tribe located off of the east coast of the Sea of Rocana. The words Ni Cel in the tribe’s old language mean Water Borne.

Ni Cel is known to be primitive and do not have much in the way of technology in their tribe. This may be because not many technologies do well underwater. However, as a test and to improve the tribe, when one comes of age they are sent off on a journey to claim their right to be a part of the tribe. They must locate something of significant value or use previously unavailable to them, and may not return until they do so. The successful return of a newly initiated adult is marked with feasting.

The tribe itself is very symbiotic in the way that it runs— the loss of any member of their tribe affects the remaining members to a significant degree and can be the trigger of hardship for the whole society. They are great fishers and hunters and travel to the town of Noria to trade monthly, as one of the few groups of outsiders the town doesn’t quickly snub.

They do not get visitors often, but those who have return report that theirs is a culture of hospitality.

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