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Character profile

Her eyes are heterochromic, one on the left amber, and a grayish-silver color on the right. The fur on the back of her head is soft, red fur that comes down on the top of her muzzle and from thence onto her shoulders, and likely covers the majority of her body. The fur around her eyes, chin and black-skinned lips is a softer white color and goes down the front of her neck before stopping at the top of her loose, large robes, letting there be a little bit of red-furred cleavage shown along with some of the top of her shoulders. On the front of and back center of her robes is the tribal mark of a healer. Her robes proceed down past her feet. The robe is of Ao Qin design and made of hides and fur. Fur tops the part around the neck hole and where they hang on her shoulders. The arms extend down past her paws a little loosely. The robe has been dyed a dull, soft blue.

Her muzzle is broader than the average wolf’s, and her ears significantly longer and wider while still being triangular. In fact, her entire profile is larger than a gray wolf of the same stature, though a bit shorter, leveling off at about 5′7″ tall, with a tail about 2′4″ long. Her thin arms indicate, however, that her deeper profile is not due to any sort of unhealthiness on her part, but likely more the opposite. The top of her semi-exposed cleavage reveals little to no ruff, only smooth surface of a soft white-colored fur on her neck that fades into red the closer it gets to her shoulders, sides, or further into her cleavage.

Dyed into the fur, the mark under her amber eye is marred and unreadable, having been tampered with in some manner, red fur overtaking it in blotches, confusing its meaning, and rendering it utterly indecipherable. Her hair, a natural fiery red color, is rather long, going down to the top of her lower back. The bangs of her hair pool around her shoulders a bit. Her long hair is well taken care of, having a soft sheen on it, matching the care she seems to take for her fur. Both fur and hair are thick and healthy-looking. Other than what one has already seen, the only really exposed parts of her body are the tips of her fingers, ending in claws that are well cared for and also rather sharp looking, her fingers encased in soft white fur. Likewise, when she walks and her toes come out from under the bottom of her robe, they are also white, with sharp, well-kept claws.

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