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Character Profile

Kelketek is a friendly looking fox, standing at about 5′9″. His fur is a nice fox orange, with his arms black from the elbow down, and his bellyfur white up to his neck and across the sides of his muzzle. He is wearing a a nice white collared undershirt, with a white dress coat. White pleated pants slip into brown leather boots with iron-encrusted toes. On his shoulders is collar and shoulder guard armor. On his right side of the armor is a large red clasping button that secures his cape. Under said cape you can see a large sheathed sword sticking from both ends. His face is honest and loving; a care and wisdom gleams in his blue eyes. His hair is a golden blonde that is mostly tucked under his white top hat. There is a passion and challenge about him that inspires, yet he walks in an approachable humility. On his muzzle rests a pair of small spectacles, almost too small to be practical. He has an average build. Not too large, not too small, with some apparent upper body strength. His tail expands about three feet from behind him the same orange as the rest of his fur, with a white tip. There are a few scars on his outer arms, and on other places on his body that you can see. It seems he’s no stranger to combat. The insignia on his clasp tells you he may be, or have been, in the royal guard. Despite this, he seems to be a bit of an older gentlefox. The fur around his muzzle is gray, though he seems in good shape for someone of his age.

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