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“[Insert witty quote here.]”

Who is [Name]?

[Describe your character’s personality here. Feel free to be as simple or verbose as you please.]

What does [he/she] look like?

[Describe your character’s appearance here. Feel free to copy straight from his or her description, or summarize as you see fit.]

What is [he/she] good at?

[Share some of your character’s skills and talents here, as well as any hobbies, interests and other details you feel are important.]

Where does [he/she] come from?

[Add your character’s basic history here, including any details you don’t mind the average person finding out. Feel free, once again, to be as simple or as detailed as you wish.]


  • [Add a few details about your character, either that don’t fit anywhere above, or which are minor enough to not warrant a separate category.]


[Add a link to any logfiles of your character’s adventures, if there are any.]

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