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The Deuter clan has its origins in a deeply religious sect that follows the teachings of a wizened old leonid Pasu named “Old Deuteronomy”, who gleans his sacred word from an ancient Svargan text called the “Bible”. They are generally good-natured and welcome anybody into their culture, but as they say in Loka, “the Lord help you if you cross the Deuters”. Traditionalist Deuters live primarily in and around Escorus; while there is a Deuterian presence in most towns, some of these smaller communities are much less observant, in some instances being little more than a street gang.

They are partially civilized, in that they wear articles of clothing from many areas and accoutrements like spectacles and prosthetics, but they eschew most technology and have a rural lifestyle of hunting and crafting. Deuters exhibit magical properties relatively rarely, but the few who do, sometimes show prodigious natural talent for it. The Deuter are known for refusing Cetayanti their children, citing religious texts and construing “magical talent” as “divine miracles”.

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