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Age: 30s. Presumably 36.

Hair: Black Eyes: Dark Grey Skin: Pale

Distinguishing Traits: Prominently sharp features, always carries an ornate cane topped with the silver circle of the gear. Education: Academy based, from twenty one to thirty. Several years training at the Viramarga, discharged for reasons not disclosed to the public.

Cousin once removed, Daven is linked with the King by family. A family that benefited and in turn suffered for the association with his most high. Though not a direct resident of the court, he is a regular enough visitor to be intimate as anyone can said to be with the ruler of Lokan and not be a direct, full on resident of the Household. Instead he holds an unofficial position inside the uppermost circles of society. Born to a social butterfly, the younger of two children Daven showed early on his prowess was more to the scholarly, trumped by his older sibling in games of rough and tumble. To this he immersed himself in books, turning himself to improving what he could in mind what he lacked in body. Growing up in the shadow of his better looking, more dandified brother bred resentment, spurred him on to apply for the Academy. It was during his tenure his hated sibling Vector fell from grace for several transgressions. His open affair with an actress pasu of the vixen persuasion, the massive gambling debts. Stories circulating of piracy. The public feasted on stories of the debauched groups, nights dedicated to torrid passions. In the midst of this, Vector up and vanished. Even today, tongues wag about what transpired on that fateful night. A few of the more sour pinpoint the younger brother to be responsible. All that can be said outside speculation, is Daven met him on that day at the Academy, resulting in the two having to be pried bodily apart by a few well intentioned onlookers with burly arms.


Immediately upon reaching his thirtieth year, Daven did a Vector. Up and vanished for eight, long months. There were many stories again, of where he went in this time and what he did. What can be said is that he came home altered. Enrolled in the Viramarga, he flowered overnight into a social animal. A distinguished, suave gentleman worthy of the title. Those having met him prior have remarked on his change, that he is the fully realised version of his brother without the slothful addiction to rampant hedonism. It is spoken in whispers his reach is long, the outward guise of a dignified and eminent bachelor a front. Lately, there has been exchange of a young lady that regularly visits the estate. A possible candidate for marriage, an informant…the list goes on.

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