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The Clockmaker

Tinkerer, Mechanist, Clockmaker: all names applied by others to describe the person and organization that has been covertly scouring Loka for Svargan relics. Everything from trinkets to Automaton husks. The Clockmaker is relatively new to Loka’s seedy underworld, not appearing until after the fall of the Castrum. The Clockmaker’s agenda is as unknown as is his species, or really even gender. What is known is that after the Castrum fell, The Clockmaker’s forces began to aggressively attack other underworld organizations, either as a show of power or to absorb their assets. The Clockmaker seems to employ mostly freelance mercenaries and bandits, rather than having a dedicated military force. This makes it difficult to attribute with certainty which criminal operations are carried out by common groups of criminals, and which are in reality a Clockmaker attack. It is rumored that he/she/it even employs Automata to carry out their dirty work. But such a feat is surely just a rumor. Surely. Regardless, the Clockmaker seems focused to acquire Svargan tech, especially that relating to Automata.

The extent of The Clockmaker’s operations is unclear, due to how ‘new’ the organization is surely his forces cannot number too greatly, nor can his pockets run endless to fund his empire forever. Center of operations is believed to be in or around Muon, or perhaps Acre, but has ranged out from those areas. The Clockmaker is thought to be behind a string of train robberies led by the bandit Razor, releasing a druj on a steam boat and assassinating the owner, and rumors circulate that he brought down an air ship several months ago on its way to Muon.

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