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Character Profile

Long, curly chestnut-colored locks are mostly captured in a braid that falls from behind her right ear down in front of her shoulder to her waist. It seems to be the best way to tame it, but she can’t help the wild curls that escape the bindings to get in her way. Her lustrous hair frames a pretty face with downy, dusky-hued skin. Chocolaty, crescent-shaped eyes brilliantly shine with eager emotion. Her face is round, with an angled jaw, small chin, and button nose, the fine features perhaps made more endearing by the twin dimples on either side of her rosy, bee-stung lips. Those lips are always ready with a smile of straight pearly teeth, showing her friendly nature.

Putting a corset on this girl would be highly optimistic. Instead, she wears a simple white tunic, fastened up the front with little pearlized buttons. It is decorated with simple eyelet lace. This tunic fits her well, and hugs what there is of her sylph-like figure, enough that one can tell that she is, in fact, female. She also wears dun-colored pantaloons hugging her slim legs and tucked into dusty traveling boots laced up to mid-calf. One can not discern the original color of those boots, however. But not only is her figure slight and waifish, this human is also quite petite, reaching a mere 4′8″. She pretty much looks up to everybody.

There is something that makes her stand out, gives her stature. It is a simple cloak, cotton for the weather. But the gold embroidery marks it as something special. This is the cloak of a Cela, a magician of Loka. About three inches around its borders, the hem of sleeve and length, its collar and hood, and the edges that meet in front, held by a simple toggle clasp, are embroidered in a simple design. This might imply that she is very low in status, but the twin four-pointed stars on her collar say she’s slightly above that. Perhaps she just prefers simple over ornate, in her embroidery.

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