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Living in the dreary swamps of Meson are the Calaveras clan, which is mainly frogs but may contain a myriad of other amphibian or other hydrophilic Pasu such as salamander Pasu, or avian Pasu accustomed to being in an aquatic environment. Social status is important to the Calaveras, which is why marriage and mercantile are held so highly in general regard, even if they are not so easy to attain. Magical abilities are limited to the capacities of the Pasu comprising the clan, and since most of them are frog Pasu, instances of innate magic ability are few and far between. And because most amphibian Pasu are usually slender or dimunitive, they generally eschew the combative arts in favor of mechsmithing, mechanical crafting, and the smithing of munitions such as armor and weapons. The swamp around them makes for excellent quenching, which is why the water around Meson tends to be rather sooty black. To this end, they usually dress in simple clothing such as tunics and tabards reminiscent of the Old Ways, to avoid soiling their finery.

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