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Brunoise Bonne Chance

Physical Description

This Frog Pasu is small, even for his kind, standing at just over
three feet tall. His skin is bright green, and his large eyes are
deep and dark. A navy blue, double breasted jacket with shiny gold
buttons covers his torso. It is well fitted, and running along the
collar and cuffs is a fanciful pattern, embroidered in gold thread.
The jacket looks expensively made, but a bit worn, and is due for a
good laundering. Atop his head he wears a wide brimmed hat, which
matches his jacket quite nicely. His trousers are off white, and
end just above the ankles, leaving his webbed feet exposed. A pair
of revolvers, one at each hip, rest inside tooled leather holsters
attached to a matching gun belt, replete with a full load of spare
ammunition. Some of the bullets have colored stripes on them, but
most are the standard fare. Slung across his back on an angle is a
steel rapier. It is rather short as rapiers go, but given Brunoise
is also rather short, it is proportionally the size of a claymore,
hanging down to the back of the Frog’s knees. The forward tilt of
his hat obscures his face some, but he’s definitely wearing a grin.


Brunoise was born to a modest agricultural family outside of Gilead. Ever
seeking excitement, he became dissatisfied with the slow pace of rural life
and set out for the city to make his way in the world. Being barely a young
man at the time, he quickly learned the harsh realities of survival, and was
recruited into the Advocates. His eagerness to gain a position of notoriety,
his natural quick wit, and his fast hand with a revolver, gained him a spot as
a trusted agent of the group.

However, as a few years went by, the blood on his hands began to eat at
his soul. Never having been the religious sort, he chalked such feelings up
as a foolish notion of morality that had no place in the “real” world. But he
could not entirely dismiss the guilt that gnawed at his heart. The hand fate
was upon him, and after a few incidents which forced him to closely examine
his heart, he elected to leave the Advocates. They were not happy. Blood was
spilled. But in the end, he was free.

This left him with something of a dilemma. How to earn a living? The
only thing he was good at was killing, and while he would certainly still kill
when he had to, he wasn’t going to do it indiscriminately anymore. He began
to sell off some of the Svargan relics he had acquired over the years, and in
doing so came to be offered work accompanying expeditions to various places.

He also took up learning how to fight with a sword. Guns are great for
killing, but Brunoise was beginning to see the value of life. So he practiced
and practiced his swordplay, studying at the Sun Soaked Saber, as well as
seeking out others to learn from. He has actually become quite adept, and
while he’ll still kill when he has to, he at least now has a means of fighting
without it ending in death.

Recently, he led an expedition into the Whitemarch. What he discovered there was
a hive of giant mechanical insects. While most of the party was able to escape with
their lives, there were some casualties. Despite this, Brunoise made many friends
during the trip, and although they didn’t come back with much treasure, they did make
enough for it to be worthwhile. In addition to the relics they sold, Brunoise also
recovered a small, brass clockwork firefly, which he is seeking to get repaired.

With enough coin to forego dangerous ventures for a while, Brunoise has founded
The Association for the Advancement of Amphibious Affairs. This new venture
now occupies most of his time.

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