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Synopsis: in WO, character development and advancement is by a peer-recommended, staff-approved, machine-assisted system.

Peer recommendation

Players are given access to an +applaud command. Initially, players are restricted to using it once per pay, which may be increased over time, on a demarchist basis: those that give good recommendations are given more latitude in its use. Staffers may use +applaud without limit, but should abide by the normal guidelines, and exercise special care given their role in reviewing recommendations.

“+applause” should be given for the most significant (other) contribution to a RP, where significant scope for character development has occurred. The filing player should briefly describe the events of the scene,

Staff review

Advancement never occurs automatically. Normally consideration will be given to possible advancement after a given number of items of +applause, all indicating a similar possible advancement, no more than one third of which are to be from any single other player. Recommendations that do not provide meaningful descriptions of nature of the scene, and what was exhibited by the awarded player, should be discounted. (Conscientious staff may wish to ask the +applauder to provide more detail, and then reconsider.) If more than the required number of items are outstanding, but are from too few different people, or are widely disparate in nature, then staff will defer advancement until later, but retaining the “excess” qualities once approval is granted.

The first quality requires ten pieces of +applause; then fifteen, then twenty, and so on.

The ‘rule of three’ also applies to the relatedness of the applause. At least a third of the applause used should be strongly and directly relatable to the new quality. No more than a third should be ‘poorly themed’ applause with no clear home. The remainder may be ‘good’ wildcard applause: related to good roleplay of existing character traits, or ‘special commendations’.

Advancements will be in the form of qualities, of one sort or another. These will be in line with the nature of the recommendations, in conjunction with discussion with the player.

Staff will give consideration to ‘special pleading’ recommendations, outside of the usual limits. This may be done initially for consideration of backgrounds that are especially good, provided this information has been made available to other players in a suitable manner. It may also also be done for players that have reached their daily ‘limit’ of +applauds, but feel that circumstances argue for additional approvals for additional scenes, or for multiple instances by several people in a single scene, of exceptional roleplaying or extremely significant developments.

Machine assistance

Possible command syntax:

  • +applaud <player>=<reasoning> commend player for RP
  • +review <player> check all outstanding +applause for given player
  • +review check +applause passing approval threshold
  • +level <player> note outstanding +applause as logged

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