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Anticelizine is a drug known to nullify the abilities of magic users. While its methods of operation are not fully understood, it is known to, at proper doses, remove the ability of magicians to manipulate the elements.


Anticelizine was discovered by serendipity in Serendipity. While the precise chemicals involved were not publicly recorded, a lab accident caused one researcher who had a moderate magical ability to become temporarily deprived of his magic when the fumes of it were inhaled.


Anticelizine is typically used by Lepton Prison in order to subdue magicians who have been incarcerated. It is also used by medical professionals during painful procedures to avoid unpredictable and unintentional retaliation from patients. Experimental uses have also been proposed, but are limited in scope.


While the first observation of its effects were seen from its fumes, the drug has an effective window of only seconds to minutes depending on how strong the concentration of inhaled materials is. It is usually administered intravenously. Attempts to create an effective weaponized doser have been limited at best. All techniques still require getting dangerously close to a magician to inject them directly into a major vein. If a major vein is not hit, the effect takes too long to begin or may be diminished, leaving the administrator in harms way.

Side Effects

Side effects of Antcelizine include restlessness, clouded thought, and inhibition of the shiver response.


Because of its potent abilities and expense to synthesize, Anticelizine is a substance restricted by the crown. It is illegal to carry the substance without being a recognized and community trusted physician. This has caused some controversy, as tribal physicians often have difficulty proving their standing to distributors, who are all under the rule of the Lokan crown. While tribal doctors do not typically use the same substances as their city counterparts, they have recognized the use of a substance that can make treating their own mages easier.

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