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Aliya Yelpaak


Age: 21?

Height: 5′4.

Weight: Nunya.

Build: Curvy.

Hair: White, glossy.

Eyes: Violet.

Profession: Wandering Tinker.

Status: None!

City Origin: Gilead.

Social Class: Who knows.

Gender: Female.

Affiliation: None.

Current Residence: A…place.

Player: Someone Awesome

Theme Music

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant

Build the Robots - Doctor Steel


Stripes - stripes everywhere! A beautiful contradiction in white and black, Aliya the Aardwolf stands her stripey self at a mere five feet, four inches. She’s got a curvy build, soft in places, wiry muscle in others. Her tail, lustrous and covered in glossy black fur, gives her a dignified appearance matched by the white fur that falls like hair down the crown of her head and crawling allll the way down to meet with her tail at the small of her back. She has bright, pale violet eyes and large, angular ears that frame her face nicely; her muzzle, like her hands and feet, are tipped in black fur and offer a delightful contrast wiht the rest of her body.

Aliya dresses practically more than anything else - enough to cover her pleasant chest and a toolbelt around her hips - and she’s almost never caught without her work tools. A pair of magnifying goggles more often than not rests either over her eyes and atop her head, and her nose and ears both twitch, ever alert to their surroundings. Her voice is pleasant, though her laugh is often a hyena’s cackle, and she looks a little shy.

Tattoos: Alina’s fur is mostly white-and-black striped pattern, though she does appear to have an odd mark or three on her muzzle and palms. Difficult to say.

Scars: Oh yes, she has a few, mostly patches here and there where she narrowly escaped either an engine fire or possibly an upset plains animal. There are also a few dark, jagged areas that look like they were smoking craters at one time – a tell-tale sign of someone who tried really hard to learn lightning magic. Really, really hard.

Other Features: Miss Aliya’s fur sometimes seems to hold specific patterns; however, they shift under the light. Perhaps a trick of the eye? She also has several silver piercings in her ears.


Mechanic Aliya is a mechanic – and a damn good one at that. If you build it, she will come. Or would it be the other way around? In any case, she’s who you want to see if you want a job done – even if it’s dangerous. She’s still small enough that she can get into places bulkier mechanics can’t.

Lightning Adept Little Miss Aardwolf is just -crackling- with magic ability. Please do not arrest me for the terrible joke, pun-police. Being not-arrested is the best way to be.

Combat? *Insert hysterical laughter here.* Yeah. Yeah, that’s not happening. Aliya is a fixer, not a fighter – and with how shy she is she’s probably not much of a lover either.

Running Away Very, Very Fast Now this – THIS is something she can do! Curvy or not, this little woman is built for running. Possibly while laughing hysterically as she tries to find a boulder to hide behind.

The Photo Album?

Story Hooks

Gearhead (Anyone) Aliya’s a wandering mechanic, of a sort – she made her start in Gilead and is rumored to have had the best of tutors in regards to the ratchet and clank industry. Word-of-mouth has it that her prices are fair, if competitive, and the girl herself often accepts jobs most would set aside due to danger issues. She works diligently, and patiently, never abandoning an assignment before completion.

White Lightning (Any) Those stripes of hers aren’t just for show. Well alright – technically, they are. But little miss Aliya here has been educated in the art of harnessing the relatively new school of magic involving lightning. The scars on her body are a testament to the amount of, er, “practice” she’s been doing in the area, and if it weren’t for the mentors she’s rumored to have, she’d probably be a smoking crater by now.

Low-Born (Residents of Gilead) Aliya doesn’t often speak of this, and in fact will get into fights over the issue – but those who care about such things would know that the Yelpaak family lived in squalor and desperate poverty for the longest time, and might remember Aliya when she was nothing more than a ratty, mange-infested pup begging for food on the streets. She and her family have come far now, but to many she is still the same gutter-trash that she was as a wee one.


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